MODEL:  200-OH-2
SERIAL #:  358
MOTOR:  480/60/3
$7,950.00 FOB Delta Ohio

This is a patented Electromagnetic Punch Press System for materials less than 0.050″ in thickness.

The patented High Velocity Electromagnetic Technology uses speed rather than pressure to get the job done.  It combines the performance of a precision die set with ram velocity up to 750 times faster than many conventional presses.  The High Velocity Press fires through material so quickly that the material nearly bypasses the plastic deformation and elastic phases and moves almost immediately to the fracture phase. Finished parts have clean, burr-free edges and secondary operations like deburring, are eliminated.  The WinSet Press System has only one moving part.  There are no belts, brakes clutches or flywheels.  No hydraulics and no pneumatics – it is virtually maintenance free!

Current replacement cost per the manufacturer is $18,000.00.

NOTE:  4-Axis Base (Tilting Type) Which This Press Was Originally Mounted to Is Available.

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