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Reference #: 29029
Model Number: W-15/W-20
Serial Number: Y-3045-385
Hand of Operation: Left to Right

Catalog Capacity: W-15 - 1-1/2" Diameter x .083" Max. Wall
Carbon Steel - .375" Min. Diameter
Catalog Capacity: W-20 - 3" Diameter x .120" Max. Wall
Carbon Steel - .500" Min. Diameter

Note: With special tooling, this tube mill will make 3-1/2" diameter or larger.


Single End Uncoiler:
Manufactured by Cooper Weymouth-Peterson
Model Number: 4R-18
Serial Number: 19613
Capacity: 8,000 Lbs.
Coil Width: 15" Maximum
Electric Brake
1 H.P. Feed Up Motor
1 Set of Coil Keepers

Forming Mill:
Model W-20 (2 Sets of Rafted Stands; 1 Set is Mounted on the Mill Bases)
Pass Arrangement:
1 - Entry Guide Stand
4 - Driven (Lower Shaft Only) Breakdown Stands; 2"Shafts
3 - Driven Fin Stands; 2" Shafts
7 - Idle Sideroll Stands
Note: All driven stands are driven by 40:1 cone drive gearbox through universal drive shaft with quick disconnect feature.

Weld Section:
1 - Olympia V.T. (Italy) Weld Unit with Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Control
1 - Torch 4-Roll (2 Sets Mounted in Tandem) Enclosed in an Atmospheric Weld Station
Powered by Miller Syncrowave 350 A.C./D.C. Welder
Weld Condition Monitor; Manufactured by Pruf Technik; Model LAB 2004

2-Roll Ironing Stand:
With Mandrel Bracket and Mandrel Mounted Upstream

Stainless Steel Cooling Trough:

Sizing Mill:
Model W-20 (2 Sets of Rafted Stands; 1 Set is Mounted on the Mill Bases)
Pass Arrangement:
3 - Driven Sizing Stands; 2"Shafts
3 - Idle Sideroll Stands
1 - 4-Roll Straightening Turkshead

Mill Drive:
2 - Reliance Drives
2 - Model D.C. Integrators Model 590 Plus
2 - 7.5 H.P. D.C. Motors
Complete with Operator's Bench and Saw Operator's Bench and Transformers.

Cut-Off Saw:
Abrasive Saw
Entry & Exit Clamping (Hydraulic)
4' Travel by Hydraulic Cylinder
Everet Saw Head Model 26; Serial Number 945-8; Mounted on Thompson Shafting
30 H.P. A.C. Motor; 1750 RPM
26" Diameter Abrasive Blade
Hydraulic Downfeed

20' Run-Out Table:

Tooling: Some tooling is included, but not inventoried.

Large amount of technical manuals and drawings.

Note: Also included is a complete set of Model W-15 rafted stands with 1-1/2" shafts and idle sideroll stands with the same pass arrangement described above that also connect to the cone drive gearboxes through universal drive shafts.