20,000 LB X 36" X .090"-.250" COIL REEL W CAR/ STRAIGHTNER



Stock #


Equipped With

Littell 20,000 lbs x .090” -.250” Coil Reel W/ Car & Straightener
20,000 lbs Max Coil Capacity
36" Max Coil Width
.090" Stock Thickness at Full Coil Width
.187" Stock Thickness at 18" Coil Width
.250” Stock Thickness at 12" Coil Width
66" Coil O.D.
20-24" Coil I.D. Range
Littell Coil Reel Uncoiler Model No. S200-36, Serial No.: 80223-74-2
Traversing Coil Reel
Three leaf mandrel coil reel
Hydraulic coil reel mandrel expansion
Air brake mounted on main coil reel spindle
Adjustable tensioning
Threading drive for jog forward and reverse
Traveling coil load car
Powered lift and travel
Powered Left to Right
Powered Rotation
Littell Powered Coil Straightener Model# 638D-7PD Powered Straightener Serial No.: 79452-72
Entry and exit precision powered coil straightener pinch rolls x 6" diameter
Air operated precision powered coil straightener pinch roll adjustment
Seven coil straightening rolls x 5.25" diameter
Powered Bank type upper coil straightening roll adjustments
Adjustable stock width edge guides
Inclined Straightening Head
Coil hold down arm with motorized end wheel
Stock peeler table with spade extension
Integrated coil end de-bender
Variable speed drive
Jog forward and reverse
Auto/Run cycle
Emergency stop
19’ Threading Table