2000 Ton Sumitomo Hot Forging Press line

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Stroke 350 mm (13.78")
Strokes per min 75
Shut height 850 mm (33.47")
Slide Adj.  7 mm (.27")
Ram size  1200 mm LR X 1300 mm FB
Bed size 1320 mm LR   X 1300 mm FB
Year 2006
4 stage transfer system 
Slide knockout Bottom knockout
Scrap System
Dual Die Changer
Extra Die Shoes
Billet Heater and Billet Saw Also Available

This line was used by HONDA to make transmission gears, It takes a billet, cuts it to size, heats it to 1300 C then the press hits it 4 times. It can determine good from bad parts, the bad parts get sent to a quench tank, the good parts get sent into a cool down conveyor that you can pick the parts up by hand at the end. The entire system was ran by one operator.